Comprehensive Oral, Dental and Craniofacial Care for your whole family under one roof.

A Dentist has lot in the bags to deliver, but unfortunately remains unexplored. For a lay man, a Dentist is a person who removes and fixes teeth. But the fact sheet is still unknown either due to unawareness or mere myths which are been carried forward from generation to generation.

World has change and so is the dental science. Dentistry is way ahead what one can imagine and is nothing less in technology in comparison to other medical specialties. Its the era of Dentistry beyond teeth.

Our mission is to educate and make people aware about the various oral, dental and craniofacial diseases which they wonder whom to consult with and live healthier lives.

Our vision is to provide a caring environment where our patient’s comfort and health is of primary importance. Our Approach to care is patient centric. The foundation of this care is based on trust which demands both ethics and excellence in outcomes.

We believe Oral Health is the key to total wellness. Our team and patient together decide on a treatment plan that is manageable, affordable and reasonable.

Patient involvement in decision making is essential to Dr. Payal’s & Dr. Anmol’s philosophy of care. The final goal is oral health that can be maintained over time.

Our team have specialists in Cosmetic Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, Pedaitric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, TMJoint and Craniofacial Pain Management, Dental Implants and much more.

The combination of providers means we can meet the needs of all age groups.


Dr. Payal Agarwal

Know Your Dentist, Founder

Dr. Payal Agarwal is a Proficient Dental Surgeon with more than 11 years of clinical experience.

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Complete Dental Care under one roof

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